Mission Statement

The Black Languages, Arts and Culture Foundation (BLAC FOUNDATION) was founded to create a greater awareness of the history and rich cultural heritage of Black peoples of the world by: 1) encouraging a genuine and scholarly interest in Black Languages, Arts and Culture; 2) giving interested parties (Black Scholars in particular) an opportunity to conduct research (both in the US and overseas) in areas of interest to the Foundation; 3) forming a cadre of ranked blacfellows, who can (and hopefully will) acquire and disseminate quality knowledge in the Foundation's area of interest; 4) helping to publish new materials (generated by blacfellows and possibly others) dealing with the Black experience from a Black perspective; 5) disseminating selected Foundation materials to the general public and /or interested parties at cost; and 6) matching willing donors with Black scholars, artists, musicians, and others in need of funding. In short, the BLAC Foundation seeks to affirm BLACK HUMANITY and promote a psychic conversion that creates networks and groups that foster love, care and concern for and within black communities around the world. Just as the Chinese Republican period (1912-1948) heralded native fighting techniques as the means of rebuilding the spirits and the bodies of its citizens who were faced with the onslaught o Western athletics, so the BLAC Foundation has chosen Capoeira and Umlabalaba to help develop the bodies, minds, and spirit of Black citizenry.


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